State Board of Physical Therapy Announces:  PTs Can Conduct INR Finger Stick Tests

The State Board of Physical Therapy has issued clarification that Colorado PTs may conduct point-of-care finger stick testing (prothrombin time/international normalized ratio testing to measure the rate by which a patient's blood clots), submit in-home tests and read the results.
The announcement followed a request for clarification from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment's Health Facilities & Emergency Medical Services Division after the division became aware that some home care agency PTs were conducting PT/INR finger-stick tests using point-of-care, in-home testing kits. The division requested clarification that such care was within a PT's scope of practice.

The issue was brought before the (PT) Board on July 8, 2016. The Board issued written clarification to CDPHE that PTs may conduct point-of-care finger stick testing, read the results and notify the appropriate medical provider of the results. The Board further clarified that PTs may not draw blood for lab testing, receive adjusted dosage orders or administer new doses to consumers.
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