Lauren Hinrichs, PT, DPT, OCS

Lauren is running for Nominating Committee Member in the 2020 Board Elections. 

Though not a Colorado native, I have spent my 11 year professional life in the state of Colorado and cannot envision a better state to work in. I am in constant awe of the passion and push for excellence all clinicians in the state embody. I feel very fortunate to work in a state that leads the profession in professional responsibility and scope of practice and thank the leadership that came before me for that ability. An additional perk includes the opportunity for my wife, 2 puppies, and I to get away and enjoy our hobby of high alpine hiking. My career has taken me from inpatient to outpatient rehabilitation in a rural hospital to a sports and orthopedic focused outpatient clinic in a metropolitan. It has also provided the opportunity to be residency trained and as well as the esteem pleasure of providing training through entry level education at University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program and mentoring students from across the country. I have recently transitioned from the clinic pursue a PhD at University of Colorado and have grown immensely in that first year. Being part of the Nominating Committee the last 3 years has given me a sense of accomplishment while igniting a new passion of promoting diversity in our leadership and supporting those who have an interest in serving the chapter. I appreciate the opportunity to run again for this position and apply what I have learned to continually strive to improve the nomination and election process.

Why do you feel qualified to serve in the above position?

Based on my 3 years of experience serving in this position, I have come to understand the processes and common pain points experienced. Additionally, spending 11 years of my professional career in the state, I have had the pleasure of meeting and networking with many which I can leverage to generate names of interested, qualified candidates.

Why do you want to serve in the above position?

I would be honored to serve the chapter in this capacity. I look forward to the opportunity of applying what I have learned over the last 3 years to continually improve the policies and processes of nomination and election. Additionally, I hope to be able to continue our mission of promoting involvement of a more diverse group of individuals to represent various geography, practice settings, cultures, and years of practice.