9Health Fair

The 9Health Fair is the Physical Therapist’s Best PR and Public Service Opportunity

With health care changing faster than at any time in history, physical therapists and our physical therapy facilities need to be out front educating the public on what physical therapy is and what we do. If we want to keep our profession, our careers and our jobs, WE must let people know how and where we, as physical therapy professionals, fit in the emerging and ever-changing health care system.

APTA Colorado has committed to staffing as many 9Health Fair sites as possible in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado. In return, the Colorado Chapter and our members will be recognized prominently as 9Health Fair “partners” in promotional materials!

We want to make this the best staffed 9Health Fair ever! Get together with your colleagues and volunteer to staff at least one site. Remember, PTAs and students may screen, but according to 9Health Fair rules, they must be under the direct supervision of a physical therapist.

Are you a fair coordinator and need more information on the Body in Balance screening? If so, go to “Information for 9Health Fair Site/Medical Coordinators” at the bottom of this page.


Most fairs are occur in April. You may search for a fair site by city, zip, county, screening (PTs do the Body in Balance screening), or date. Click here to find a fair!


The 9Health Fair is asking all volunteers to sign up through its website. This will insure that you are staffed at a location that is offering the Body in Balance screening and it also allows the volunteer coordinators to efficiently manage all the volunteers at that site. Sign up only takes a few moments. At the end of the process, you will create an account for convenient access in the future.

Go to http://www.9healthfair.org/health-fairs/volunteer/signup
Complete your contact information
Please answer the following questions as indicated below:
“Are You a Medical Volunteer?”: YES
“Credentials”: PT/OT/Exercise Physiologist
“Screenings That I am Qualified and Would Like to Perform”: Body in Balance
In the next step, please choose the first option for volunteering: “Volunteer at a health fair on the day or days of the event”
Complete the remaining steps, you will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator as soon as possible to confirm your position.


You must request Body in Balance screening cards and the protocol from the APTA/Colorado Chapter office. Complete the form below and submit. Materials will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service and will be sent to you approximately two weeks prior to the fair date. If you cannot meet this deadline, you must pick up materials from the APTA/Colorado office or provide a FedEx account number for shipping.

Materials will only be sent to currently licensed PTs in the state of Colorado. Membership in the APTA is not a requirement. PTAs and students may screen, but according to 9Health Fair rules, they must be under the direct supervision of a physical therapist.

Please note: It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete a Body in Balance screening, therefore one PT/PTA/student can screen a maximum of six individuals in one hour. The amount of screening cards that will be sent is based on how many volunteers are indicated in the field(s)* below.

Fill out my online form.