The Student Special Interest Group (sSIG) is a component of the Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. If you are a student member of the APTA then you are a member of the CO sSIG! The purpose of the sSIG is to provide a means by which student PT and student PTA members, having a common interest, may meet, confer, and promote the interests of its membership, the Chapter, and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Who we are:

President: Adam Engelsgjerd

Vice President: Vickie Otto

Treasurer: Chris Aguirre

Secretary: Paul Bailey

Government Affairs Rep: Ryan Tollis

Elections Affairs Rep: Maggie Nguyen

Professional Development Rep: Jenna Carlson

PTA Rep: Daniel Feldman

Regis Rep: Karen Schleper

CU Rep: Jenna Kaspari

Further information about the officers can be found here:

More info specific to sSIG can be found at:
You can also take a look and follow us on our Facebook at
…and, follow us on Twitter: APTA_CO_sSIG

So far in the Winter of 2016, we have hosted a PT pub night as well as a Human Anatomy Lab course offering at Regis University. Please contact us through our Facebook or website listed above if you have an idea about anything you believe Student SIG should partake!