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Dry Needling Call to Action!

Posted: April 25, 2017

As many are aware the Colorado Chapter of the APTA is currently very busy defending the rights of Coloradan’s to receive dry needling from Physical Therapists. Click here to watch a brief 2 minute video on the viewpoint of Colorado residents on this issue.

Are you motivated to help? Please join in our fund-raising efforts by donating here

APTA CO has committed to the full support of both the current litigation surrounding dry needling and the protection of the public and PT scope of practice, and our ongoing sunset activities related to the practice act through lobbying costs, advocacy events, legal engagements and multiple committee activities. It is expected APTA CO will expend over 50,000 dollars in this activities beyond usual expenses. All support is much appreciated!

Your Colorado Chapter is led by volunteer’s, peer Physical Therapists motivated to serve our entire PT community and every Coloradan who can benefit from the care we provide. If you are not a member, please join us today to continue in our ongoing efforts to protect our profession and the thousands of patient’s that we serve in Colorado. 

Thank you!


Cameron MacDonald

President APTA CO



APTA Raises More Than $3,000 In An Hour To Kick Off 'PT CAFE' Fundraising Campaign

Posted: April 22, 2017

DENVER – The Colorado chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association today announced PT CAFÉ, or Colorado Advocacy Fund Engine, to raise money to shepherd PTs and PTAs through their periodic “sunset” review and to defend and improve PTs’ and PTAs’ ability to practice under their professional scope.

At its 2017 Spring Conference today, the chapter topped $3,000 in the first hour of a text-to-give campaign.

HELP PT CAFÉ: Donate Today!

Cameron MacDonald noted “considerable interest in the utilization of dry needling by Physical Therapists in Colorado.” Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.

Colorado PTs have had the regulatory authority to perform dry needling for more than nine years, but the practice faces a new legal challenge from two acupuncture groups, who have sued the State Board of Physical Therapy.

APTA Colorado, which has more than 2,500 members, filed a legal brief in the case calling the accusations “nebulous, prospective and tenuous.” The chapter wants to intervene in the case, saying its members could be adversely affected by any outcome.

PT CAFÉ was organized to raise money to support the chapter’s legislative and regulatory efforts. The association will supplement the text-to-give fundraising effort through online donations and through event fundraisers, MacDonald said.

Physical Therapists have been licensed in Colorado since 1959 and Physical Therapist Assistants have been certified since 2011.

"Sunset" involves the periodic review of state agencies that exercise the state's regulatory authority over occupations. Agencies are terminated by specified dates unless their life is extended by legislative action. 

The state is now embarking on a "sunset review" to ensure that continued regulation is in the public's interest.  

Members: Join APTA Colorado's Dry Needling Discussion Circle (you must be signed in)

Members: Join APTA Colorado's Sunset Review Discussion Circle (you must be signed in)

Caption: The PT CAFE fundraising campaign topped $3,000 less than an hour after it launched.  


One-Day APTA Colorado Conference Featured Notable Speakers, Attendees

Posted: April 22, 2017

DENVER - Hundreds of PTs, PTAs and students packed the Denver Renaissance Stapleton today for a one-day Spring Conference & PT Expo that featured topics ranging from imaging utilization, biopsychosocial approach to pediatric chronic pain, rehab after total joint replacement and understanding lymphedema and edema. 

Presenters included: 

• Rehab After Total Joint Replacement: Michael Bade, Andrew Kittelson and Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley, all from the University of Colorado

• Biopsychosocial Approach to Pediatric Chronic Pain: Shannon Tracey and Sheryl Kent, both Children's Hospital Colorado (Kent also with University of Colorado Anschutz Campus)

• Imaging Utilization and Ordering: Scott Rezac, Rezac & Associates; Brianna Wahl, Atlas Physical Therapy; Brian Baranyi, University of Illinois at Chicago, Craig Rudikoff, Denver VA; Frank Crnkovich, MSK Radiology, and Joseph Miller, Natural Performance Rehab LLC. 

• Obesity Induced Lymphedema: Vicki Ralph, University of Colorado Hospital and Klose Training and Consulting

Caption: Shannon Tracey of Children's Hospital Colorado addressed pediatric chronic pain at APTA Colorado's 2017 Spring Conference. 

 The conference committee was chaired by Dyanna Haley-Rezac and Ted Weber. APTA Colorado President Cameron MacDonald presented PT and PTA student of the year awards and gave a morning address on opportunities and challenges for the profession. A luncheon focused on Sunset Review of the profession's practice act and a special recognition for members belonging to the association for 50-plus years. 

The chapter's 2017 Rocky Mountain Fall Conference & PT Expo is Oct. 6-8 at Keystone Resort in Dillon. 

 Caption: Sharon Konecne (53 years of membership), Joanne Whipple (55 years) and Warren May (also 55 years) were lauded for 50+ years of membership in APTA. Not pictured: Patricia Winkler (52 years). 

APTA Members Elect New Officers & Directors

April 22, 2017

DENVER - APTA Colorado's membership elected officers and directors for terms beginning July 2017.

Elected were president-elect Cameron MacDonald, the current president; Mary Jane Rapport, vice president; Cameron Lyons, secretary; Lauren Hinrichs and Lisa Dannemiller, nominating committee; Scott Rezac, chief delegate elect; Megan Fitzsimmons Brito, director at large; Katie Larson, delegate at large.

Members also overwhelmingly approved two bylaws changes:

• Section 2.E. (Special Interest Groups - Organization) of Article V (Districts and Special Interest Groups) and Section 1.A. (Composition) of Article VII (Board of Directors/Executive Committee/Officers)

• Section 1 (Business Meetings) of Article VI (Meetings)


APTA Colorado Honors PT Student Cynthia Rauert

Posted: April 22, 2017

Caption: Cameron MacDonald, Cynthia Rauert

DENVER - The Colorado chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association at its 2017 Spring Conference today honored Regis University PT student Cynthia Rauert with the 2017 Pauline Cerasoli ACE PT Student Award.

Cindi came to PT after 12 years in health research, policy and health promotion and has continued to use those skill at every opportunity. She receives her DPT from Regis this May with 3.5 GPA and with an excellent grasp on academic and clinical knowledge and professional skills. Her clinical instructors often comment on her incorporation of the whole person into the PT regime.

She does this while juggling a national position of PT Delegate on the APTA Student Assembly of Board of Directors (2015 – 16) where she serves as the Chief Delegate for all APTA DPT student members to the House of Delegates. Advocated for student interests re RC-11 Student Debt Motion. As was appointed Chair of Education & Financial Literacy Task Force; and where she was instrumental in expanding the APTA advocacy dinners to 12 cites around the country. 70 students and a state senator attended the Colorado dinner she organized.

She also is student liaison for Health Policy and Administration (HPA) section and Academy of Electrophysiology and Wound Care section of APTA and a member of the Colorado chapter's Government Affairs Committee. 

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