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PT PAC Event- Cancelled: Manual Lymphatic Skills for Orthopedic Edema 

Posted: August 25, 2017

When: The event is being rescheduled for the Spring.

Where: Regis University, Peter Claver Hall- Room 409

Target audience: PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, MTs.

8 hours of Category I Professional Development Activity

Description: Inflammatory edema is a key issue for orthopedic and sports therapists to manage efficiently and comfortably in order to facilitate recovery and healing. This one day course will teach therapists without a lymphedema background to safely assess and treat patients with inflammatory edema using manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques. Treatment of upper and lower extremity edema issues associated with common orthopedic and sports injuries of the major joints and hand will be covered. The differing types of edema, anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, history and evidence of MLD, differential diagnoses, and MLD techniques/patterns will be taught and practiced and case studies presented and reviewed.


APTA Colorado President Cameron MacDonald Gives An Interview With 9News

Posted: August 25, 2017

Disclaimer: The following is a 9News Denver Facebook posting that involves a current and ongoing investigation into the activities occurring at a Denver area high school in relation to the cheerleading team. The images contained within the video have the potentially to be very disturbing and APTA CO does not wish to promote the broadcast of such material. We do recognize though that the material has been aired on the evening and morning news on channel 9, and is also on Facebook and has been viewed close to 1/4 million times. As such this information is provided. 

Primary in this video link is an interview that APTA Colorado President Cameron MacDonald conducted at the request of Regis University and 9News to address the issues as presented with this undercover investigation. He completed this interview in both his role as Assistant Professor at Regis University in the School of Physical Therapy and as the President of APTA Colorado:

I found the videos to be very concerning, and I (along with many) have a lot of answered questions to fully understand the actions shown. What I sought to address, as speaking directly to the actions as shown without full contextual understanding would be premature, was the crucial role Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers play in providing an educational and leadership role in the health of our youth in our schools.

Further to this, I spoke to key considerations to be made with structuring an intervention aimed to promote flexibility. The interview was approximately ½ hour, five minutes are shown. A shorter version appeared on Nine news Wed night and Thursday morning, and the story without my input was aired nationally Thursday on NBC news. Regis University and Colorado Chapter members are currently active in seeking options available to help the children who are involved in this concerning situation. As this is a current police investigation our chapter legal counsel has been consulted.

As your elected leader I would ask each of you to consider our role in the optimization of the quality of our youths sporting adventures. It is likely questions will be brought to you, as we are recognized as experts in movement and the promotion of health across the lifespan. This is a very challenging situation and we are actively seeking to help. -- Cameron MacDonald


APTA Colorado Legal Counsel Meets With Leadership At DORA To Discuss PT Compact

Posted: August 25, 2017 

APTA Colorado's legal counsel and its president, Cameron MacDonald, met with leadership at DORA to discuss the PT Compact. Our ongoing APTA Colorado support to finding a solution to the current suspension of Colorado as an active member state in the compact was reviewed in detail.

Options are being explored by the attorney general’s office with open invitation to ongoing chapter input and inclusion in conversations going forward. MacDonald also met with the PT Board last week to reinforce our active support in finding a solution to bring Colorado back into full member status. He has also engaged in "constructive dialogue" with FSBPT President, Vice-President and key representatives to also seek a solution.

The next full PT Compact meeting is on Nov. 5, 2017, in New Mexico. Leadership is reviewing options to attend should this be a purposeful mechanism to move us forward in this ongoing process. 


APTA Colorado Readies Amicus Brief In Support of Dismissal of Current Dry Needling Litigation

Posted: August 25, 2017

The Chapter is preparing, upon review of the next PT Board action, to provide an amicus brief to the court in support of the dismissal of the litigation currently in process against the CO PT Board with regards to their authority in promlugating PT Rule 211, which defines the authority of PT’s to practice Dry needling in Colorado as per the statutory authority granted to them by the Physical Therapist Practice Act.

Currently we are awaiting the PT Board response to the District Courts action in returning the petition from the two acupuncture associations to the PT Board to be further acted upon, in the latest ruling from the judge.

To answer a recent inquiry from a member:

Q:   "What is the latest news on this? Is there anything more that I can do as a PT right now? Is there anything that my clients or the public can do to advocate for their right to continue getting dry needling?"

A:  A Physical Therapist's authority to continue to provide dry needling in Colorado, as noted, is under ongoing litigation at the current time between acupuncturist professional groups and the State Board of Physical Therapy. PTs who are competent in performing dry needling are advised to continue to provide dry needling as authorized in PT Rule 211 and to keep a list of satisfied consumers who may be willing to help us if this ever becomes a legislative  or regulatory issue in the future.


Cameron MacDonald

APTA CO President


1 Week Left To Register For the Sept. 9, 2017 Bob Doctor Golf Tournament

Posted: August 17, 2017


The 2017 Bob Doctor Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 9 at the Colorado National Golf Club, 2700 Vista Parkway, Erie, Colorado. 

Individual Player: $140
Foursome: $540

Join your fellow physical therapists for a morning of great golf and camaraderie. Don’t miss out … register now!

* Registration begins at 6:45 am, with shotgun start at 8:00 am.
* Lunch will be served following the tournament and is included with your play fee.
* Following the tournament there will be an awards ceremony for the winners and an awesome silent auction. The winning team will be presented with a traveling trophy to be engraved with the winning team’s name.
This tournament raises money for legislative needs and the Student Scholarship fund.

Register Here

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