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APTA Colorado Files Motions In Dry-Needling Case

Posted: April 12, 2017

The Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association filed two documents today in a case regarding dry needling that was lodged against the State Board of Physical Therapy. 

Members can access the documents on the chapter's website (you must be signed in). Members also are invited to join the dry needling discussion circle online. 

Not a member? Please join us! Remember: The bigger the membership, the bigger the voice. 

Today's filings


Colorado PTs March on Washington 

Posted: April 9, 2017 

Before visiting Colorado's nine congressional offices on March 28th are: Ryan Tollis, Regis student; Hanna Gustafsson, CU student; Hope Engel, DPT, federal affairs liaison; Cynthia Rauert, Regis student, and Jenn Berry, DPT, co-chair Govt Affairs Committee. With Ellen Caruso, director of government affairs, the group asked senators and house members to support legislation 1) to repeal the cap on outpatient rehabilitation services (H.R. 807 / S. 253); 2) to authorize PTs to participate in the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program (H.R. 1639 / S. 619) of which Rep. Diana DeGette (Denver) is an original sponsor; and 3) named the sports medicine licensure clarity act of 2017 for PTs who practice across state lines when traveling with athletic teams (H.R 302 already passed / S. 808). 


2017 Election Is Now Open 

Posted: April 7, 2017

The APTA Colorado chapter's 2017 elections are now open and online voting will be available for a two-week period, ending 30 minutes after the conclusion of the chapter's annual business meeting at 2:30 pm on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Current APTA Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant members are eligible to vote.

The Nominating Committee of the APTA Colorado chapter presents the following slate of 8 candidates for the 2017 ballot:

  • President Elect - Cameron MacDonald 
  • Vice President - Mary Jane Rapport
  • Secretary - Cameron Lyons
  • Nominating Committee Lauren Hinrichs
  • Nominating Committee Lisa Dannemiller
  • Chief Delegate ElectScott Rezac
  • Director at Large - Megan Fitzsimmons Brito
  • Delegate at Large - Katie Larson

The Amendment to the Bylaws are included in the electronic ballot. A summary of the bylaw changes is described below and each can be voted on independently:

  1. One Director at Large shall represent all of the SIGs, as more particularly set forth in Section 1.A. of Article VII of these. The Board of Directors shall consist of seventeen (17) members, composed of the persons holding the Chapter offices or positions identified below: 
  •       (1)       President
  •       (2)       President-Elect
  •       (3)       Treasurer
  •       (4)       Secretary
  •       (5)       Chief Delegate
  •       (6)       Chief Delegate Elect
  •       (7)       District Representatives (four in total; one from each District).
  •       (8)       Director at Large (Secretary Liaison), to be referred as the SIGs Director, representing the Chapter’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  The SIGS included are Sports, CARe, Pediatric and Clinical Educators. The holder of this Board seat shall rotate each year from one SIG to another of the same, as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time. 
  •       (9)       Director at Large (Treasurer Liaison), to be referred to as the Finance Director, representing the Finance Committee, the Bob Doctor Golf Committee, the Membership and the CEU Locker.
  •       (10)     Director at Large (Vice President Liaison), to be referred to as the Professional Development Director, representing the Ethics Committee, the Research Committee, the Professional Development Committee and the Nominating Committee.  The holder of this Board seat shall rotate each year from one of the named Committees to another of the same, as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  •       (11)     Director at Large (Chief Delegate Liaison), to be referred to as the Young Professional Director, representing the Mentorship Committee.  The holder of this Board seat shall be an eligible person who, when elected to the Board, is between one and five years from the date such person received his or her entry-level degree in physical therapy.
  •       (12)     Director at Large (President Liaison), to be referred to as the Practice Director, representing the Private Practice Section and the Government Affairs Committee.
  •       (13)     PTA Caucus Director, representing PTA members of the Chapter.

All such officers, directors at large and representatives designated in this Section 1.A. shall be known as Directors.  Any vacancy on the Board of Directors resulting from the death, resignation, removal or disqualification of any person holding any of the offices or positions described in this Section 1.A. may be filled in accordance with Section 4.B.(8) of Article VII.

2. The Chapter shall hold one meeting per calendar year of the Chapter membership for the conduct of business, with the annual meeting to be held in the Fall of each year. Attendance at meetings shall be limited to Chapter members and invited guests approved by the Chapter officers, provided at least fourteen (14) days’ notice is given to all members. A quorum shall consist of fifteen (15) members, including at least two officers.


Vote Now! Login using your APTA ID number as your username and your last name as your password. 

Questions? Contact [email protected]


Patient Dry Needling Survey Open For 5 More Days

Posted: April 7, 2017 

The Chapter’s survey on the effects of dry needling as provided by Physical Therapists has generated a strong response. The survey will remain open until Wednesday April 12th and will then close. 

The link is:

The results will be utilized to inform our policy and legal efforts with regards to Physical Therapist’s scope of practice in Colorado, and the utilization of dry needling. All patient information will be kept confidential.


PT Volunteer Needed For May 6th 9Health Fair

Posted: April 6, 2017 

9Health Fair is looking for a PT volunteer at the Thornton Carpenter Rec Center Fair on May 6th. If you are able to assist at this fair contact Kimberly Penney

If you are volunteering at an upcoming 9Health Fair and are needing screening cards, fill out the online form and APTA Colorado will get them to you. 

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