PT Survey Request

Dear Colleague,

My name is Christopher Wiedman. I am a physical therapist and a student in the Doctor of Philosophy in Education program at Drake University. I am seeking participants for my dissertation study on how physical therapists make meaning of their professional role identity when they transition from full-time clinical work to a leadership or management position.

This study seeks to expand our understanding of professional role identity and how physical therapists adapt, revise, maintain, or construct a professional identity when transitioning out of patient care and into leadership/management roles. To collect data for this study, I am seeking licensed physical therapists in the United States who have transitioned within their organization from full-time patient care duties to formal leadership/management roles such as coordinators, managers, or directors. Participants in this study should have served in this role for at least 1 year and no longer than 3 years. If you meet these criteria and would be interested in participating, please contact me using the information below.

Your participation will last approximately three to six weeks and will consist primarily of three interviews which we will conduct over Zoom at times convenient for your schedule. Each interview will last approximately 60 minutes. You will also be asked to provide basic demographic details regarding yourself and your training. As the study progresses, I may send additional emails asking for your feedback on emerging themes in the data analysis. Responding to these emails should require a minimal time commitment at best.

Please know that your participation in this study is voluntary, you may decline to answer any interview questions you wish, and you reserve the right to withdraw or pause your participation in the study at any time. Likewise, strict confidentiality of your information will be practiced throughout the completion of this study and the dissemination of its results.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me via email at [email protected] or by cell phone at 319-464-2545.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Christopher Wiedman, PT, DPT