Douglas Emerson, PT, DPT, OCS, CMP, SFMA

Doug is running for Delegate at Large in the 2020 Board Elections. 

Doug grew up in Maine where he attended college to become a physical therapist. After practicing for 3 years on the coast of Maine in Rockland he began a career as a traveling therapist. In five years as a traveler, he saw a lot of our country and had the opportunity to treat diverse patient populations in an array of different systems. Through these experiences, he observed that differing leadership styles seemed to be the most influential factor in determining an organization’s efficacy. Doug has worked as a manager at Howard Head Sports Medicine for seven years, during which time he has become both a student of leadership philosophy and a mentor for his fellow managers and physical therapists. It is Doug’s belief that effective leadership enhances clinics and patient experience, renders more dedicated physical therapists and, ultimately, paves the way for a better future for the physical therapy profession.

Why do you feel qualified to serve in the above position?

I have worked as a physical therapist for sixteen years in a variety of settings and states. This has provided me with unique exposure to different models for practicing physical therapy and diverse styles of governance. My participation in leadership training over the years has helped me become a compassionate listener capable of finding the value in all possible perspectives. Most importantly, I am an astute problem solver capable of applying experience and information in order to create concrete, effective plans. I believe my skills, experiences, and passion leave me poised to aid the APTA Colorado Chapter in the advancement of our profession.

Why do you want to serve in the above position?

Physical therapy has been a profession that has enhanced my life and enabled me to serve others over the years. While it is a rewarding profession, there are still policy changes that can be made to propel it towards a brighter future. Physical therapists are not only my colleagues, but also my students, teachers, and friends. I believe that by serving as a Colorado Chapter Delegate I can help ensure that the profession continues to recruit and to cultivate the talented, passionate practitioners that help make our profession so exceptional.