Member Assistance Fund Announcement

AURORA, Colo. -- Aug. 26, 2020 -- The Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association today announces the creation of a Member Assistance Fund. The chapter understands that many physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have been financially impacted by COVID-19. It is our hope that the fund can help alleviate some financial hardships directly caused by the pandemic and serve as an ongoing support mechanism as other societal challenges arise.

The Chapter is providing the financial support to allow our membership to launch the fund. When PT and PTA members register for the upcoming fall conference, they qualify for a $25 rebate. This rebate can be returned to you or donated to the Member Assistance Fund. If you feel compelled to contribute more, please click here to make a one-time or recurrent donation. 

Donations will be awarded to PT or PTA members who demonstrate documentable financial need, up to $250. A short application will be available following the Annual Conference & Expo, Sept. 25-26, to allow members to apply for themselves or to nominate another APTA CO member. Once an application is received, it will be reviewed by a three-person committee that will allocate funds based on individual need and the total amount raised through donations.

Physical therapy would not be the thriving profession it is today without the community of members in the APTA. This fund is your chapter’s way of giving back to the supporting members who are surviving a difficult situation. As always, we will work together to use these challenges as an opportunity to make physical therapy a stronger, more resilient profession.

Donate to the Member Assistance Fund!